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Jamie French Scenes

Jamie French in Pretty Pony

A truly special video. This one features the first times I ever used my biggest, most brutal toy; Big Blue, the horse cock! I love this video as it shows t...

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Video: 22:21

Jamie French in Hot Stripper

Back stage at a strip-club when a fan sneaks in... good thing I was in the mood to fuck! Check out the true definition of fan service is this amazing scene...

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Video: 32:04

Jamie French in Easy Dating

Taken from a project that was never completed, this scene is one of my favorites. I love the production value, but the real kicker is how much enthusiasm i...

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Video: 24:20

Jamie French Flag Solo

Featuring Eva Cassini, we have an amazing time playing around with my ass! Going with a red, white and blue theme... things do get rather blue! The blow jo...

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Video: 45:58

Jamie French in Horseplay

This is probably a top 5 scene for me. I truly let loose with my favorite toy, Big Blue! I'm dressed like a slutty ranch hand and am ready to gape! Check o...

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Video: 19:41

Jamie French in Old Glory

A sun-kissed 4th of July set where I get to show off my pretty, fun pedicure feet and treat myself right for your viewing pleasure!

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Video: 17:31

Jamie French in Doin' Homework

What to do when you cant concentrate on your homework and your tutor is a total perv? Let loose and dive right in to truly perverted tryst! This was a lot ...

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Video: 34:57

Jamie French The Hooker

A re-shoot for the aforementioned unfinished project, simply because I dyed my hair during downtime in the production... the talent is the same, the set is...

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Video: 21:23

Jamie French in Cocky Kitty

A Halloween gone by. I dressed up as a sexy kitty, as so many sluts tend to do, but the animal action only just begins when this sexy solo scene kicks off!...

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Video: 20:06

Jamie French with Goliath

Messing around with a little temporary hair dye can be fun, but playing around with a no-nonsense anal dildo is even better. Watch as I take on this Goliat...

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Video: 30:00

Jamie French All Tied Up

What happens when a little girl breaks the rules? She must be punished! Thankfully, I have master sadist, Stefani Special at my side to help teach bratty A...

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Video: 18:53

Jamie French in Dirty Blondes

This video introduces Mia Davina in her first official shoot ever. We're just two blonde bimbos going at it all the way! She's a truly submissive slut and ...

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Video: 26:09