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Jamie French Scenes

Jamie French Being Foxxy

I love being naked and free to do what I want and I do just that in this steamy solo scene, featuring me showing off a CUTE pair of panties and riding my b...

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Video: 15:58

Jamie French and Stefani Special

One of my favorites! This was from around the time where I first met Stefani Special, amazing fetish performer, pornstar and now, a longtime friend, produc...

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Video: 28:51

Jamie French and Eva Cassini

Featuring Eva Cassini, a very special girl in my life, we were dating at the time and shared a deep fascination with latex! Check it out, we have a ton of ...

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Video: 20:29

Jamie French in Slick Chick

I don't know about you, but I'm a HUGE fan of oiled up bodies! I'm sure you've probably picked up on that by now! Here's a special video that is nothing bu...

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Video: 18:12

Jamie French and Trixxy

A while back I played around with a new haircut, the porntastic side shave! Here's the first solo video I did, featuring my new hairstyle... hope you like ...

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Video: 21:55

Jamie French in Unfair Advantage

Backstage at a strip-club when a fan sneaks in... good thing I was in the mood to fuck! Check out the true definition of fan service is this amazing scene ...

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Video: 29:25

Jamie French in Fist-A-Blonde

Fisting? You know I love it! Check out this scene where my then GF, Eva Cassini uses me as a fuck doll and then proceeds to fist me like a total slut! One ...

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Video: 24:57

Jamie French in Stefani Special Returns

This video features the return of Stefani Special for her second outing with me. We went with a more Hardcore approach on this one... Just watch how hard w...

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Video: 23:09

Jamie French Gets Drenched

This is a very special scene meant for a very particular viewer! I spent 10 hours and risked personal health through excessive hydration to capture this 's...

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Video: 09:41

Trans Jenna Creed Massaged And Cock Stroked By Jamie French

Sit back and feel the tactile sensation of a good rub down in this continuing series of skin on skin stimulation featuring Jamie French and Jenna Creed who...

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Video: 13:08